Services Provided
  • 50 Year Master Special Use Permit
  • Custom Geodatabase
  • 20+ Distinct Species Surveys
  • Vegetation Mapping

The expansive Cleveland National Forest (CNF) spans both San Diego and Imperial Counties and is a vital area for SDG&E when it comes to multiple projects. Due to the number and scope of projects SDG&E has in the area, permitting and surveying proves to be challenging, and includes more than 70 previously issued special use permits. Chambers Group had a different approach, by working with SDG&E across an array of biological and planning resource areas in the effort to consolidate all permits into a Master Special Use Permit.

Specifically honing in on fire and public safety in the CNF, Chambers Group performed wildlife surveys, plant surveys, jurisdictional/wetland delineations, and vegetation mapping for all of the proposed project elements including existing poles, replacement poles, anchors, new poles, systems upgrades, stringing sites, staging areas, landing zones, guard structures, undergrounding areas, handhole locations, access roads, and any other identified component that may contribute to the proposed project’s overall footprint within and around CNF to apply for the 50-Year Master Special Use Permit. All told, the project included 150 miles of overhead transmission/distribution lines and underground distribution lines inside a region of such great biodiversity and sensitivity that Chambers Group conducted focused surveys for more than 20 specific species.

Additionally, Chambers Group created a geodatabase utilizing the feature dataset organization to help quickly query and select various project elements such as the transmission/distribution lines, supporting facilities, biological resources, and access routes. Various figures, maps, and map books were produced to support technical reports and provided for project team meetings to discuss the findings.