Services Provided
  • CEQA Documentation
  • NEPA Documentation
  • Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act
  • Archaeological Survey Report Review
  • Historic Architecture Survey Report Review
  • Conditions Assessment Reports Review
  • Historic American Engineering Records Review
  • Monthly Complaince Reports
  • Archaeological and Built Environment Treatment Plans

The highly ambitious and highly visible CHSR was officially funded in 2008 with the long-awaited Construction Package 1 (CP1) beginning in 2015. This $60+ billion-dollar project has been the subject of intense scrutiny both from the public and an array of agencies alike.

Chambers Group delivered the environmental documentation and permitting for the 32-mile stretch between Avenue 19 in Madera County to East American Avenue in Fresno County. This area includes 12 grade separations, 2 viaducts, 1 tunnel and a major river crossing over the San Joaquin River. Working with numerous agencies, construction providers and engineers, Chambers Group analyzed all relevant environmental documents and project actions for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Protection Act (NHPA) standards, as well as adherence to the guidelines prescribed in the Programmatic Agreement. Documents reviewed by Chambers Group include Archaeological Survey Reports, Historic Architecture Survey Reports, Conditions Assessment Reports, Historic American Engineering Records and Monthly Compliance Reports as well as both Archaeological and Built Environment Treatment Plans. Given the scale of the CP1 package, coordination with the signatories such as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), the Federal Rail Authority (FRA) and local governments are implemented.