Services Provided
  • Coordination with Texas Historical Commission and the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory
  • Custom Survey Methodology
  • GIS Modeling

The following project was undertaken by Chambers Group for a client who wishes to remain confidential, as do a great many of our clients, particularly in the renewable and sustainable energies industry.

The American Southwest has seen a boom in solar and wind farms with states like California, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas especially experiencing an influx of renewable and sustainable energies development. In Concho County, West Texas, Chambers Group supported the effort to develop a 3,500-acre wind project on behalf of a confidential client.

Much of the work in Concho County was in reaching compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA.) Combining GIS modeling with on the ground observation, Chambers Group developed a custom survey methodology designed to reach compliance in a greatly reduced project timeline, and consequently, budget. In approximately six months, Chambers Group was not only able to deliver full-scale survey results for the entire 3,500-acre Area of Potential Effect, but also developed and submitted reports to the Texas Historical Commission (Texas SHPO) and the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory.